USAPL MI State Championships 2012 Meet Report

TL;DR – Weighed in around 195 lb., Went 8/9 for attempts, 435 squat, 286 bench, 484 deadlift.  Took 2nd in the 198 Raw Open class.


Background & Meet Prep

  • 6th USAPL Meet, competed in the Michigan State Championships last year (totaled at 991 lb. weighing around 184 lb.)
  • Started training 1.5 years ago, using Starting Strength.  Later moved on to Texas Method, and current using Texas Method with 5 days a week of training (4 days lifting, 1 day focused conditioning)

In the morning, I didn’t get as much sleep as I would have liked, since I kept waking up  just due to excitement.  I drove out about an hour to Flint from my place, but didn’t find myself to be tired.  I showed up to Flint Barbell, which I’ve been to before, a small hardcore gym.

Weighed in at 195.4 lbs., about 7 pounds lighter than my last meet.  I didn’t plan on lifting in the 198 lb. class, but being sick and having an injury a month before meet dropped my weight.  The night before, I stopped eating to try and cut down, but found I really didn’t end up needing to cut at all.

For warm-ups, one disadvantage at Flint Barbell is that there just didn’t seem like a lot of space for warm-ups at the meet.  There were basically two bench presses (competition style, which were nice) to use, one power rack, and one squat rack to use for warm-ups, with maybe 50-60 lifters.

The meet was organized in two platforms, which helped speed things along well.  The meet ended at 2pm sharp, one of the quickest meets I’ve been too.  Overall, a very well run meet, and with more warm-up space, it’d make for a great venue.




  1. 180 kg / 396 lb
  2. 195 kg / 429 lb
  3. 197.5 kg / 435 lb (PR)
Squat felt good, through and through.  I felt like I struggled more on the second attempt, hence the small increase for my third attempt.  For my second attempt, I got a warning about not locking my knees, and on my third attempt, I received one red for bouncing a bit for my decent (too much focus on locking my knees).


  1. 117.5 kg / 259 lb
  2. 130 kg / 286 lb (grip in too close)
  3. 132.5 / 292 lb (fail)
For the bench, I decided to tone down my attempts, in order to have a more realistic shot for a 1200 total.  Instead of going for a PR on my second attempt, my plan was to match my PR for my second attempt, and then jump my third.  My second attempt was a bit too close on the grip, and I allowed my failed third attempt to come too far down on my chest.  Overall, slightly disappointed about my bench performance.


  1.  190 kg / 418 lb
  2. 207.5 kg / 456 lb
  3. 220 kg / 484 lb (PR)

Made a big jump in the attempt for deadlift to go for the 1200 total.  All of the deadlift attempts felt really good and solid, and the last one felt slower that it shows.



Ended with a total of  547.5 kg (1204.5 lb) at 195.4 lb., and a Wilks score of 352.5.  I took 2nd place in the 198 Raw Open class.

The biggest outcome in my mind is the 97 kg (213 lb) total increase from my last performance at this meet.


Thoughts & Future Thinking

  •  The single biggest factor to my bench difficulties was in my weight loss, for sure.  For the next meet, I am going to be pushing to put myself back into the 220 class.
  • Next meet currently planned in the ADFPF State Championships in Grand Rapids on March 9th.  I’m also considering dabbling a bit into strongman for the summer next year.
  • I’m definitely going to reach for a 500 deadlift for the next meet, and will make another go at a 300 bench.

My training plan for the future is as follows:


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